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The O’Gallery Classy Hotel & Spa is located at No 2 Cau Go Lane, Hoan Kiem District, Old Quarter center. That land was the former house of a Vietnamese-French man, named Lucien. It would be normal if Lucien simply transferred or rented his old house to make the hotel. But the truth of every story in life has its reasons….
Lucien was always an attractive person, especially with the children in the old town, because in him was a library of special stories told in a slow, warm tone, along with the Old French song. Next to the puppet theater, he learned how to make a water puppet and was ready to sit down all day and showed the children how to do it. What was more wonderful to children when they were instructed to puppets by a respectable teacher! Let's keep quiet when the narrative stories as never to cease until the children cheered joyfully, when a puppet was born. So, the old house of the teacher was the place where the children in the old quarter of Hoan Kiem very favorite and frequented every morning and afternoon.
With fascinating puppets, fondness of ancient French songs, and the love story between the Frenchman and the young girl who loved the French during the war against France nearly a century ago... In an afternoon, while enjoying a water puppet show at theater, the Frenchman accidentally caught a lovely face of the beautiful local artist with white skin, red lips and long black hair. He fell in love and could not stop himself to get acquainted with her. Then, a rare romance began...
Meetings at The Huc Bridge, the couple fight for even a few minutes, try to meet each other every day to talk, ask or just a chance to see each other only to forget the velvet. But then, love is so beautiful teasing their fate. Their love story was detected and the French soldier was asked to come back homeland. He lived alone in the ancient village of Yvoiré in France, which is dubbed the national flower village. The sky is blue, surrounded by hundreds of brilliant flowers blooming, but his heart is always sad because of the nostalgia Hanoi lovely girl couldn’t stop...
It was not until 63 years before the end of the Vietnam-France war when the young soldier returned to the old battlefield, but his beloved woman was not alive, left him only love letters. , so much nostalgia and tears. What an amazing and wonderful thing is handsome son who brought Vietnamese-French blood with the name Lucien. Lucien - in Latin means "Light" or "It is the hope of a bright future for her son or for her own love and the French soldier she always loved.
Life is always more plentiful than we imagine
O’Gallery Classy Hotel is the place of ROMANTIC LOVE…
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